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Well at last we have a new standalone vr headset almost ready to come to market from a major player in the tech game, in fact from two major players , Facebook and Oculus ,( Googles new standalone daydream is still just that, a daydream) The collaboration will bring us the Oculus Go. Oculus have a good track record for collaborative  innovation within the virtual reality tech industry, just look at the Samsung gear vr,  and the GO looks like it will be another success.  With a launch price point around $199 ( £152) ( € 172 )  aimed fairly and squarely at the mid range market, and with the backing of Facebook who are bringing Facebook360 to the masses , it should without doubt be a bestseller and ensure its popularity as  it compares very favourably pricewise with other stand alone headsets currently on the market.


So what will we get for our hard earned cash ?

Well the press releases are very vague regarding operating systems and technical specifications, which is a shame, but insiders tell us that its an android compatible device, which would make sense as Oculus have stated that the new GO will be compatible with all Samsung gear applications currently out there,  or in their words ,  ” Gear VR and Oculus Go apps are binary compatible, and they share the same controller input set—that means developers building for Gear VR are already building for Oculus Go. As an added plus, the best of our mobile VR content library will be available to everyone on day one ” so that’s good news. We will also get a very light fabric type headset which appears to be similar to the Google Daydream view headset, and a new soft breathable fabric facial interface, a high resolution fast switch LCD screen and next-generation lenses offering a wide field of view with significantly reduced glare. Now I’m not one to nit pick, but there is a distinct lack of technical clarity from Oculus here, most if not all  similar headsets have LCD screens, and all without exception have lenses, so why not tell us what makes the new Oculus Go next generation lenses so different. Our mole tells us that the screen will be 2k but as for the lenses and their adjustability we just don’t know as yet, other than they are suitable for those of us who wear glasses. Also we have integrated audio, the speakers are built right into the headset, transporting you straight into VR and making the headset easy to share with someone else, and a 3.5mm jack socket for private listening.


The Oculus go will sit in the middle of its line up between the mobile Gear VR and high-end Oculus Rift. Oculus Go will ship early next year for $199, not too much more than the $129 Gear VR and significantly less than the $499 Rift. It’s supposed to enable everyday uses of VR without the trouble of plugging in a phone or computer, at an affordable price point.


Mark Zuckerberg announced the news at this year’s Oculus Connect conference, saying it’s a way to reach his next goal for Oculus: getting one billion people in VR. The Go headset was rumoured ahead of Oculus Connect, and it’s not a commercial version of the Santa Cruz self-contained headset prototype that was announced last year. It doesn’t have inside-out tracking or fully tracked motion controllers, which helps keep the price down. Santa Cruz is still a separate, extant prototype with both of those features, and it’s supposed to be going out to developers within the next year. Oculus head Hugo Barra calls Go “hands-down the easiest way to get into VR.”. It uses a controller that’s similar to the Gear VR’s remote, so developers are supposed to be able to easily build for Oculus Go and the Gear VR at the same time. Developers will start getting Oculus Go development kits in November, and the headset is due to be available early 2018,.

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So there you have it,  only time will tell if Mr Zucks dream will come true, but the OCULUS GO  will certainly help him on his way to meeting his targeted domination of the virtual world, and be assured that when the new GO is made available to us we will be putting it through its paces for you.




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