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PLAYER RATING     3.7 / 5





Get behind the wheel as DRIVECLUB revs its engines for a follow-up season of edge-of-your-seat racing.


Combining the stunning graphical power and interconnectivity of PlayStation 4 with the unparalleled immersion of PlayStation VR, DRIVECLUB VR transports you to some of world’s most stunning locales in some of the world’s most powerful production cars.


Experience Canada’s Fraser Valley or Japan’s serene Lake Shoji like never before, with a brand new suite of features including a “cruise control” mode that will let you take in the sights at your leisure and “Virtual Passenger” that will let you relive your best laps from the passenger seat.


A new selection of urban tracks swells the total number to a staggering 114. Strap into one of 80 iconic high-performance cars to screech through corners, blaze along straights and fight the finish line as though you could reach out and touch it.


The roar of the engines… the screech of the tyres… the scream of the crowds…DRIVECLUB VR powers into an extended season of highly immersive virtual reality racing with a bigger, more powerful engine fulled by PlayStation VR

 The title pretty much sums  up the game concept, DriveClub is all about social racing: joining a club, driving for that club, and sharing the glory with your friends. In terms of structure, it’s not dissimilar to a dozen racers of the last generation, with several tiers of events, taking in point-to-point races, circuit races, time trials and drift challenges. Each event has its own objectives, and by completing these objectives you unlock further tiers of events.

As your fame builds you level up, unlocking new cars from the game’s selection. What’s more, your fame contributes to that of your club, pushing it up the ranks and up the leader board,

psvr headset was made for games like this, a tad  grainy but a small price to pay for this much fun, I can even stick my head out the window and look at the side of the car as Im on the straight   please don’t do this in your real car.   very impressive. If you’re looking for a good racing game to get started in PSVR, this is the best place to start

PEGI Rating: Ages 3 and Over




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