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Explore the intricate sci-fi universe of EVE Online like never before as you engage in deep-space aerial dogfights and nerve-shredding tactical incursions on PlayStationVR.   


Join the Valkyrie, an outlaw band of immortal pirates, and fight your way to glory across the galaxy. Unlock, upgrade, and customize your fleet of deadly ships to dominate in multiplayer space combat. Become a legendary pilot in the definitive game of the virtual reality revolution.    

This game never gets old! No matter how many times you play it, it’s fun, challenging, and the graphics are top-notch! If you’ve seen BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (the newest series), you have an idea of what kind of game this is! You’re a pilot of one of three different ships in various scenarios. It takes just a couple hours to get used to the controls and then you’ll be in for some great fun.

Sony gave us a strong launch for VR last year. While only a handful of launch titles were considered Triple-A, there was a wide spectrum of genres covered with the launch leaving something for just about everyone. Well, perhaps except for RPG fans.

EVE: Valkyrie was in that “handful” number. It was one of the higher profile launch titles. It was also responsible for confirming that I could hang in VR for a long period of time without feeling motion sickness. A relief, since I was waiting with baited breath for the release of Sony’s headset.

Even now, a couple of months post release, I find myself enjoying the rush of sitting in the cockpit of a space fighter. With graphics that rank among the best on the PlayStation VR thus far and super tight controls, this is not only an amazing VR game, it’s a fantastic space sim, with only a few lacking components to keep it from absolute greatness.

Rating: Ages 12 and Over Suitable for 12 years and over. Not for sale to persons under age 12. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 12 years of age or over.




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