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The Dell Visor is a Windows Mixed Reality headset and it’s ready for action right out of the box. Pair it with select hardware and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and watch your VR games, videos and movies come to life.




Become one with the experience: Move with agility thanks to a weight-balanced headband designed to take the pressure off your nose and cheeks and ground your center of gravity.

Get lost in the moment: Front and rear head sponges made from a high-density material reduce friction for complete comfort no matter where you choose to explore. The headband fits snugly on your forehead while the rubber nose pad blocks incoming light.

Master your domain: Command your world with the Dell Visor Controllers (sold separately). Six degrees of freedom allows for seamless movements in virtual reality, from forward, backwards, up and down to left and right. Complete your experience with Haptic feedback, a sensation that responds to touch and makes every movement feel more real.

Turn your world inside out:
Camera sensors located on the visor use inside-out tracking to conduct the controllers. This eliminates the need for external cameras and delivers an immersive experience anywhere.

Raise your standards: Your Dell Visor features a sleek, stylish white design that stands out in any setting. But it’s more than a gorgeous headset, it’s ergonomic – with a flip-up visor that raises 90-degrees for fast transitions between the virtual world and reality. The premium look combined with seamless transitions elevates your experience every time you wear it.

Fit for another dimension: An adjustable thumbwheel lets you adjust the size of the headband for the perfect fit. The face sponge attaches with Velcro and lets you interchange sizes, including glasses wearers. These small adjustments make sharing your headset easy, even though you may not want to.

Go the distance without distraction: Move freely thanks to the cable management clip. It secures and routes the Y-cable, a cord that splits in two and connects the USB 3.0 for power and HDMI for video, to below the headband and out of your line of sight.

Dimensions & Weight

1. Width: 6.71″ (170.5 mm) | 2. Width: 8.3″ (210 mm) | 3. Length: 10.6¬–12.9″ (270 mm¬–330 mm) | 4. Length (Visor Only): 5.43″ (138 mm)





The headset looks great aesthetically, and I love the white. The design seems very similar to the playstation VR headset which I think is a good thing. It sits comfortably on your head. The way the cushions look give it a fairly premium feel compared to the other headsets. I also like that the cables are combined into one and that there is a headphone jack on the headset itself. The Tracking is excellent. I haven’t had even a slightest issue, at all – I was a bit concerned about not using lighthouses, but there hasn’t been the slightest glitch in head or movement tracking. Roomscale and chaperone boundaries are perfect – I’m not sure how they do it and how much processing power it takes, but I think inside-out tracking is the way of the future

The headset feels very much like the PSVR in terms of design and comfort, except the Dell Visor has the ability to flip up like a welder’s mask. If you wear glasses, the Dell Visor should accommodate most frames.  You won’t get VR face from the visor either since the headset doesn’t pull up against your face. Instead, it rests on your head and you flip the display down. Overall, I really like the headset build. The controllers, on the other hand, feel a bit fragile and a little unbalanced.  I think the button layout and overall ergonomics feel a bit unnatural. However, the buttons, sticks, and touchpads are very responsive.

It’s, by far, the easiest VR headset to set up. You just plug in the HDMI and USB 3.0 cables, then pair the controllers via Bluetooth 4.0. Oh, you’ll also need to plug in a pair of headphones into the headset’s audio jack.

On the desktop, the visuals are comparable to the Oculus on SteamVR games. The laptop is able to run SteamVR games, but I had to lower the quality to reduce some of the stuttering I was experiencing. Even though the laptop meets the requirements for Windows Mixed Reality Ultra, it’s still below the SteamVR requirements. Having said that, the default Windows Mixed Reality Hub (Cliff House) looked great and ran smoothly on both systems, as did the free apps I downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

The head tracking works fine. For the best results, make sure your space has sufficient lighting for the tracking to work correctly. The controllers are definitely feel like a few steps back from the Oculus Touch. I’ve seen my virtual hands randomly fly across the screen a few times while playing BoxVR. Sometimes they’ll just be floating in my peripheral, but will snap back into place when I look at my hand. This will sometimes happen when the controllers are outside the headset’s cameras line of sight for a few seconds.

The Dell Visor is a very capable headset and is a great value for those looking at getting into VR, but can’t afford the higher cost of admission for the Oculus or Vive. It’s great for watching 360 videos and playing most VR Games.

• Update Windows 10 to the latest version
• If you’re going to use SteamVR, download the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR update in Steam.






You need a decent gaming computer to run this device. Please, make sure your computer is compatible and has the necessary specs prior to buying Must be connected by a cable to a PC running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.Features an HDMI 2.0 video output, USB 3.0, and 3.5mm audio jack.




We’ve had our Visor for about a month and use it daily for gaming. Users range in age from 10 to 62 and it has fit comfortably on each player. Setup was pretty straightforward and we have used it on 3 PCs so far without issue. We have played a variety of Steam games, but Beat Saber alone would be reason enough to get this. I have recommended this rig to co-workers. JAN P.

Windows Mixed Reality headset that delivers an unparalleled experience, with ultimate comfort and a premium design. ROSALIN.

I bought the Visor with controllers combo and it has been amazing right out of the box. My pc ( dell inspiron 5567 which has intel hd 620 graphics ) can even run this better than the alienware at the store demo could run the htc vive. This is the best mixed reality headset and definitely the best Vr headset all around. You should buy this it is the Best VR money can buy. —you do need the controllers to be fully immersive. BUBBY.

A well thought out headset (though I personally am not that keen on the Apple influenced design). A definite improvement in graphics over the Vive and I was able to get up and running in just a few minutes. Awesome!  IAN.